worship on campus

Welcome to "The Message Cafe!"

Our Multi Purpose Room is now open for Weekend services! We have worked with our city officials in order to abide by the current health and safety regulations to open our doors for live (yet small) gatherings! We are looking forward to connecting again as the body of Christ in person!

what to expect

In adherence to B.C. health guidelines, we can accommodate up to 50 people per service. 

These services will be what we are calling a "Message Cafe." [Think "Drive-in-Theater meets Coffee Shop."] Here, people can come to watch the service and have a time of fellowship before, during, and after the service. It will be a more relaxed, casual environment, for people to mingle, enjoy a hot beverage, pray, and listen to the service.

Our hope and vision for these onsite services is that they will be a place to once again experience the encouragement that comes from the gathering of Christ’s body, to connect with other believers, and hear the word of God. However, we know it will feel different due to capacity limitations and health precautions. Please be aware, this service will include only a small host team, and a pastoral host to greet you.

Below are a few FAQ's to give you a greater sense of what this service will feel like:

When will registration open?

Every Monday at Noon. Registration will close every Friday at 5PM.

Will I have to wear a mask?

Masks are encouraged, though not required. However, if you choose to sing, we humbly request that you wear a mask during that time. That leads to the second question...

May we sing?

Listeners may sing along to the music, provided they wear a mask. Leading scientists and medical professionals have indicated that this is one of the most "high risk" activities to engage in, so we request that you keep other attendees safe by wearing one if you sing. [Please bring your own mask with you]

Will it feel similar to church before COVID-19?

Yes and no. While there will be no mutual greeting, bulletins, hand shakes, or other activities that we are used to which are considered higher risk, believers will be gathered together to worship the Lord and hear his word preached! 

Formal or casual?

These services are going to be very casual. For instance:

  • Parents with infants are encouraged to attend! Infants make lots of noises. Joyful noises! 
  • Some people may choose to connect and talk quietly even as the service is on. More noises. 
  • People are welcome to grab coffee and move around at any point during the service. Movement and noises. 

In short, there will be lots of noises, and that's encouraged! 

Why do I have to pre-register to attend?

Since we have 700 members and can only accommodate 50 people per service, we want to do everything we can to ensure we are below max capacity while preventing people from showing up and having to be turned away due to capacity limits. 

Will there be anything for children or infants?

We are unable to offer any of our Children’s Ministries at this time, however children are welcome in the service!

What will the seating/setup look like?

Spaces will be designed in "bubbles." Each bubble will have anywhere between 2 and 6 seats within them to accommodate various group/family sizes. For individuals and families who have "doubled" their bubbles, they may sit in these sections together. So be sure to come with a friend or family member you can sit with! 

Why the Multi Purpose Room and not the Auditorium?

For the time being, we will meet in the multi-purpose room as that space is much easier to transform in order to achieve B.C. health requirements. We hope to add the auditorium as a venue in the not too distant future. 

What are the service times?

Multi Purpose Room

  • Saturday at 6:30 PM (coming soon)
  • Sundays at 10:00 AM

health & safety guidelines

  • Registration: Each person must register for the service that you are planning to attend. No admittance will be permitted without having previously registered .
  • Physical Distancing: We ask that you observe Physical Distancing, with six feet between you and other households. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. Services will continue to be provided online each week. 
  • Health & Safety: Those attending will need to answer health screening questions and check in upon arrival. If you are feeling unwell, we request that you please stay home and enjoy the Gateway service with your family. 
  • Sanitation: Each venue will be disinfected before and after each service. We also encourage you to use the hand sanitizer provided upon your arrival and as you leave.
  • Zones: Once we open the auditorium, we will have designated zones allocated to each venue. Each zone will be blocked off from other zones to ensure the health and safety of those attending. Please pay close attention to the signs and locked doors to keep the zones secure
  • Checking In: Please follow the signs and check-in once you arrive on campus.