growing in the habits of a disciple

Grow in the five essential habits of being a disciple of Jesus. These fives habits are built out of Gateway's “Vision Frame” that guides how we minister to one another as a church.

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  • WEEK 1 - Christ's Call - PDF / WORD

    As Jesus communicates in John 15, the Christian life always starts with abiding in Christ personally and daily. To cultivate a habit of personal Bible study, practice a personal, daily habit of starting your day in God’s Word. 


    The church isn’t a building, but the people [ekklesia means ‘the gathered and sent'] who long for every opportunity to give praise and glory to God through prayer and by hearing His Word preached. The weekly rhythm of gathered worship and prayer is vital for the life and growth of Christians. To cultivate this habit, choose time for daily prayer.


    An essential, but often missing, component of discipleship is accountability. While it is impossible to live out the roughly 60+ ‘one another's’ of scripture by attending a weekend service, we use "groups" as a way to do just that. To cultivate this habit, choose one friend to be accountable to and establish a rhythm of accountability.

  • WEEK 4 - contribution - PDF / WORD

    God has saved us by His free gift of grace. With gratitude in our hearts we respond by serving one another and those in need. As a part of the body of Christ, we all have a unique contribution to make in order for the whole body to function well. We hope that through works of service our gifts would be used for God’s Kingdom.

  • WEEK 5 - community witness - PDF / WORD

    In grateful response to all that God has done, we are called to a life of proclaiming all that God has done. At Gateway, we believe evangelism should be natural, not contrived. Our hope and prayer is for every member of our church to start “PI2— to Pray, Invest, and Invite.”