Pray, Invest, Invite

who's your FOUR?

At Gateway we believe that ordinary people are the tip of the gospel spear! We know that in our day more and more people have to be reached outside of the church. And what that means is YOU need to lead the way in engaging people to hear the gospel. 

We are inviting every member to participate in the Pi2 - Who’s Your Four? initiative, as we pray that God leads many people in our communities to faith in Christ. We are so excited to partner with you in intentional discipleship! 

Though “making disciples of all nations” is a command from Jesus himself (Matt 28:19), reaching lost people with the gospel of Jesus Christ can be difficult and intimidating for many Christians. That’s why we want to partner with you. The following resources are intended to equip you as you take further steps to grow in your abilities to effectively lead your Pi2 Four to Christ! 

Fill out this form to tell us about your four so we can be praying with you and provide resources along the way.


We would also love to hear about the journey you're taking with your four. Whether they came to church with you for the first time, have made a profession of faith, or another step, fill out the form below so we can follow up with you and provide helpful resources!



A recent Barna Research poll asked a group of non-Christians one question – “If you were invited to church by a friend, would you go?” 

82% said “YES!”

But when it comes to sharing our faith, that’s not so easy! We often second guess ourselves wondering whether it’s the right time to share our faith or, worse, if we say the wrong thing, turn them off to God, or even offend them by opening up about matters of faith. Perhaps it’s safer to just keep quiet.

But you see, for the Christian, we believe that a life in Christ is so transformational, so life-giving, so earth-shattering, that we cannot stop in sharing it with others. It has truly changed our lives!

Our steps are simple - choose four people in your life who are far from God. They could be a family member, a friend, a co-worker/classmate, or a neighbour. These four are the people you will commit to pray for, invest in, and (when the time is right) invite! So to get started...

Think of at least four people in your life who don’t know Jesus – whether that be a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbour – and simply start praying for them.

To help you in this, click on the link below to find a printable card that you can put in your bible, on your fridge, or another place where you will be reminded to pray for them everyday. 


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The first step is usually the hardest! But here its quite simple - PRAY!

PRAYER is at the center of every great evangelistic movement, and every movement

is made up of EVERYDAY people.

Use this guide over the next 30 days to PRAY for four people you know who needs the hope of GOSPEL!



A good summary of what it means to INVEST is this - TIME!  As you continue to pray for your four, seek to build genuine, authentic relationships with them! Invite them out for coffee or lunch, or have them over for dinner. 


INVITE means choosing to invite them to an appropriate next step. We think the simplest is to invite them to church! But it could also be inviting them to your Life Group, 



Think about those you regularly interact (or could regularly interact) with who don't know Christ. Your family members. Your coworkers/classmates. Your neighbors. Your friends. What would it look like if you spent this year intentionally praying for them, investing in their lives, and inviting them (sharing the love, salvation, and freedom in Christ)? 


Aside from what we have provided above, below you will find a number of other resources to help you go deeper. But remember, the most important commitment you can make is to start praying! No need to overcomplicate. We find that once you start praying, God starts working! And when God starts working, you start having providential moments and perhaps even a few "need to know" or "need to grow" moments. When that happens, look below for more resources



A first step in effective evangelism for many of us begins with building friendships. One way to grow in our abilities to build friendships with non-Christians is to practice hospitality, a biblical idea that simply means welcoming outsiders. Rosaria Butterfield offers valuable advice on practicing hospitality in her book The Gospel Comes With a House Key and in the video Loving the Stranger: Awakening & Hospitality. In two brief articles, Butterfield has also explained “Why Hospitality is for all Christians” and how “Christian Hospitality is Radically Different from Southern Hospitality.


Many non-Christians have intellectual objections to Christianity. Randy Newman challenges Christians to not rush into speaking or answering when asked a question. Instead, as Newman proposes in Questioning Evangelism, asking good questions can help us listen more, talk less, build relationships, and create avenues for the gospel.

Pastor and author Timothy Keller's book The Reason for God addresses the frequent doubts that skeptics and ardent believers alike have about religion. He addresses questions like: Can we trust the Bible? Has science disproved the Bible? How can a good God allow suffering? And, how can there be only one way to God? Keller challenges Christians to wrestle with their friends and neighbors’ hardest questions, and to engage those questions in ways that will spark an honest, enriching, and humbling dialogue.


Many Christians have questions about how to live for Jesus at their jobs and build friendships in the workplace. Barna research suggests there is significant reticence to share the gospel in the workplace because if it goes poorly you can't leave that environment. In that sense, it is higher risk. There must be a better way!

For more read Ashok Nachnani’s article on “Evangelism In the Workplace.” Also, consider Tim Keller’s approach to “Evangelism through ‘Networking’.


For those looking for more information on how to share the gospel with Romans 6:23 and the Bridge Illustration, read One-Verse Evangelism by Navigators. Also consider these other ways to present the gospel: