Please Join us for all or some.

Young Adults Ministry is for all those 18 to 25(ish) Married or single.  

  • Tuesday: Oct 24 - Castle Fun Park Adventures

    Go-Kart race around the track, mini-golf, and wack-a-mole - all part of the adventure! Come for the competition, come for the friends, come to meet friends!  Time: 7:00 pm.

  • Nov 17-18: YA - 24Hr retreat

    This 24hr Retreat will take place at Gateway as we explore our identity and personality through 'Colours'. The weekend will include lots of great food, teaching, games, laughs and a whole lot more.  Book this date in your calendar, invite friends and let's make this an amazing 24 hours!  More info to come. 

  • Dec 14: 412 LIVE Christmas Worship

    Join us for a special night of worship and celebration for Christmas.  412 LIVE Christmas Worship begins at 7:00 with live worship, drama, readings and so much more. Come and join the Christmas Celebration. 

  • Friday, Dec 29: Annual Gourmetten Feast

    A night to tantalize your taste buds as your prepare your meal on your own skillet.  There will be a large variety of meats, veggies, sauces, drinks a more as we graze over our meal and enjoy delightful conversations.  Reserve the date today! 

  • Ministry Opporunity - EWS

    Get on the front line of ministry and join us at the Extreme Weather Shelter.  This is a hands on ministry opportunity where you will interact with the homeless of Abbotsford.  You will hear their story and develop a kinship relationship as you learn together what it means to be in community.  Join has we continue to be a light on a hill and practically serve our community. EWS Season begins Nov 1, 2023.  For EWS information go HERE. To sign up to make an impact email Marcel at

  • Philippines Visionary Experience 2024

    Join us as we partner with pastors in the Philippines ministering and 'being with' the people of the Mangyan Tribe on the Island of Mindoro. This experience will bring you into remote tribal communities to live with, enjoy fellowship and share the gospel with tribal people.  We partner with BJ Fermin with Love Beyond Borders. For more info and to see highlights from last trip CLICK HERE