Children/Youth with Varied Abilities: 

A place for you to belong

At Gateway we aim to create spaces of belonging so individuals of all abilities are connected to the church community.

To help us accomplish our aim, below are a number of options available to suit individual needs. 

  • Quiet/Sensory Room

    We realize that a large auditorium, loud music and large crowds of people might not be the best environment for all our guests.


    Imagine a softly lit, quiet space filled with captivating lights, soothing sounds, and cozy swings. Everything in the space is carefully chosen and placed so that individuals who have difficulties integrating their senses can chill and relax in an engaging and calming manner. 

    Our Quiet/Sensory Room is intended for individuals under the age of 18 and will be available during our Thursday night youth ministry and Sunday worship, and special services. Our service is livestreamed into the room.

    Gateway's Quiet/Sensory Room is located in the lower level of our Heritage wing in room 102.

  • Activity boards

    If you would like to remain in the service be need to keep your hands busy, we provide white boards and markers so that you can doodle during the service. 

    Your individual white board, pen and eraser can be pick up/dropped off at the Kids Church Check in station - the big blue wall in the lobby. 

  • Space in the auditorium

    If you are restless and need to stand up and walk or pace, we have removed the back row of seating in our auditorium to accommodate this. 

  • Support worker at Summit Youth

    At Summit Youth, grade 9-12, we have a support worker on site to assist those that may not be comfortable in the large group setting or in the mentorship groups.  The Support Worker will either take the youth to the Quiet/Sensory room, spend time with them in the Studio 50 Games room or join with the youth in one of the mentorship groups.