All are welcome! 


Coffee Break is an energetic, spirit filled ministry for women of all ages.  To meet Covid 19 requirements we will be inviting engaging speakers to teach us from the Word of God.  For more information on how we will meet the Covid-19 requirements, please email Pastor Marcel at marcel@gatewaycrc.org.  We will be limited to 50 people each week (this does not include children) 

Coffee Break meets on Wednesday morning from 9:30-11:00 in our new Message Cafe on our lower level. Enter the north side of the building.  There is child care for our little ones and Story Hour for our little more grown ones. Our nursery and Story hour ministry will meet all Covid-19 requirements, 

Below are our two major topics that will be discussed from October to December.   Our first gathering will be Wednesday, October 7.  Hope to see you there! 


Gateway Coffee Break kick off social - OCTOBER 7

This is where it all begins for another great year of worship, study and fellowship. 

LoctionL Gateway Message Cafe

Father Heart of God

Oct 14, 21, 28

We will be discovering what it means to have God as our Father. What the scriptures tell us about the Fatherhood of God is often different from our earthly experiences of Fatherhood, and how that has effected our perception of our heavenly Father and our personal theology of this member of the trinity. When we walk in the truth of how our Heavenly Father views us, we, as his sons and daughters experience a level of freedom and intimacy we never thought possible.

Teacher: Anna-Marie Bakker (Pastor of The Stream) 

Who Am I?

Nov 18, 25 & Dec 2

Do you ever wonder why you and others think, behave, and communicate so differently - almost like you speak a different language? God created us all uniquely and sometimes those differences lead to misunderstandings, conflict, even broken relationships.

In these sessions, Shelaine will use the Personal Style Indicator as a tool for helping us identify our own personality strengths and quirks. We'll learn how to communicate more effectively with others —whether family, church, or business— so we can flourish and succeed together. This material can be life-changing, and a whole lot of fun.

Teacher: Shelaine Strom (Education Lead for Food for the Hungry) 

Q & A with the PAstors

December 9

Do you have questions about faith, Gateway Church, Youth Ministry, our kids etc?  Great - the pastors of Gateway will do their best to answer your questions that will produce dialog. 

Coffee break christmas social

More information to come soon.