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Advent box // JOY

December 17-23


For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

Week 3 of Advent is when we celebrate the joy that comes with knowing that Chirst Jesus, who was born in a manger, is our saviour. Advent is a time of waiting with hope and longing for what we already know has come, Jesus! This week, we get to celebrate that we already know that Jesus has come to save us and can look forward to when He comes again.

Trailmix Activity

For this week of Joy, the activity is making a fun and delicious trail mix! Food and fun storytelling bring many people joy, so why not combine the two and build a trail mix while reading the Christmas Story found in Luke 2! Follow the instructions below to make your own Christmas Trail Mix.

*Video Coming Soon*


  1. Use the print out of Luke 2:1-20, or find this passage in your own Bible, and read through the Christmas Story as a family

  2. As you read the story, add the components of the trail mix provided.

    1. “Expecting a child” → add popcorn for pregnant Mary who was about to give birth to Jesus

    2. “Placed him in a manger” → add M&M’s to represent to the M in manger to remind us that Jesus came to save the world through a manger where animals eat and ot in a palace as most other important people

    3. “And there were shepherds” → add the candy canes which look like shepherd staffs to remember that Jesus came to save even the lowly shepherds

    4. “Keeping watch over their flocks at night” → add the goldfish crackers; while goldfish aren’t the flocks that the shepherds were watching, God created all animals, great and small

    5. “But Mary treasured up all these things” → add the kinder chocolate to represent a treasure or a prize, something that will make you happy when you return to it.

  3. Enjoy the snack you made, spend some time talking each aspect of the story as you munch on the trail mix


Performing in Church on Sunday, December 24

Advent of Peace will be available December 24th

To access the content and activities for week 4, use the QR code/web address provided in your week 4 bag.