Kids Church Video's

Below you will find weekly videos for your kids to see what is going on at Gateway Kids. Grab your Bibles, and a comfy spot to sit and enjoy these Bibles lessons!

Spotify Playlist for Gateway Kids

Page Turner

Page-turners are exciting books, the kind you don’t want to put down, the kind you would stay up extra late to read. Books are exciting when we can find ourselves in the stories and imagine being a part of the adventure. This month we are going to look at some of the page-turning stories of the Bible. Each of these stories has something valuable to teach us about our patient and powerful God who prepares us to fight temptation and celebrates us, the heroes in our own real-life adventures! 



Up is Down. Right is Left. Cold is Hot. That’s right, we’re celebrating opposite day this whole month (or should we say, not celebrating? This could get confusing!) This series will give kids a chance to talk about the counter-culture things Jesus said. It sounds impossible to believe that struggles bring us closer to Jesus or that our enemies can teach us about love. However, these beautiful opposites remind us that a God we can’t see is always with us and that it’s better to follow Jesus than our own instincts. Happy Opposite Day!


A DAY at the museum

Museums have the unique ability to transform learning! Instead of merely reading words on a page, we can experience them through all of our senses! A Day at the Museum is a series all about helping kids interact with the stories of Jesus and connecting them to God. Jesus’ life and early ministry helps all of us experience (see, hear . . . even taste!) and follow God in new, tangible, and real ways.