Rough acres Bible camp

July 13-20

Please Fill Out These Forms:

Criminal Record Check

Use the following access code for your criminal record check: X2VNQLLA2Y

Volunteer Application

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Waiver Form 18+

Waiver Form Under 18

Packing List:

  • Ear plugs can be useful for the dining hall or shared sleeping accommodations if sensitive.
  • Backpacks for hike day.
  • Indoor shoes (need a closed-toe pair for doing dishes)
  • Runners/hikers, and beach shoes e.g. Flip flops
  • Water Bottle and flashlight.
  • Alarm clocks: camp has a few but your own are welcome, especially because at camp our phones are put away unless special permission is given
  • Sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, Pajamas,
  • Camp-type clothing for playing in rain, paint, heat, cold, and dress up for fun events.
  • Jacket/raincoat/hoodie
  • Sun hat, sun screen, bug spray
  • Personals: towels, soap, toiletries, comb, toothpaste & toothbrush, etc.
  • Modest swimwear for camp. (no bikinis or speedos)
  • Bible and notebook
  • Anything unique or fun that might make camp a better experience for you and your campers!
  • Some loose change if you want to buy anything from the Tuck shop

What you need to know about Rough Acres Bible Camp

Rough Acres is a nondenominational camp located on Irrigation Lake, 16 km west of Houston, BC approximately 2 kms off HWY 16. RABC was established in 1973 and has provided summer camps for over 30 years. We provide year round activities that include week long summer camps for children, teens, adults and families. We also provide weekend retreats and facility rentals to community groups interested in utilizing our facilities.