Join us, and seven other churches on Good Friday, to pause and remember what that day looked like for our Messiah, and the greatest sacrifice made.

We have joined up with Living Hope, Trinity, New Life, New Life Korean, Zion Chinese, Mission Hills, and Hillside churches to bring to your homes, this service.

Find our stream HERE on Friday, April 2, at 6.30pm.

Would you join us?

We invite you to join our church family for church online, as we celebrate Easter and begin our new message series,

"Making Sense of God."  

Our first message will be regarding the Resurrection, and asking ourselves, "Did It Really Happen?"

We would love for you to join us!

Please share this page, and invite your family, friends, & neighbours too!

Connect with us!

If this service is the first or second time that you've visited our church,

or if this is the first time you have heard the invitation to follow Jesus,

would you click the link below to start up a conversation with one of our pastors?

They would be delighted to meet you, and to hear of you visit, answer your questions, or to hear of your commitment to follow the Resurrected Jesus!

drive through communion

We are excited to host a 15-20 minute Drive-In Communion service on Easter Sunday morning!

Participants must preregister for one of our time slots. We will open three at first at 9.00am, 8.30am, and 8.00am. If they both fill up, we will open a 7.30am service, and same for 7.00am, to accommodate up to 250 people for in person.

This will be an "additional" short service with liturgies, prayers, and communion on Easter morning before our service.

Click here in order to sign up


As followers of Jesus, we are committed to the principle that disciples make disciples.  The church grows because we all invite others to hear the Gospel message!

What would it look like for you to invite the four that you have been praying for in our Who's Your Four initiative?

Simply send them a message, give them a phone call,

and provide the link to this page!