Save the date for our 2nd Annual BC Leadership Conference on Saturday, September 21st!

Eight Christian Reformed Churches (CRC) in the Fraser Valley have decided to pool funds and resources together to form one large conference for any and all interested churches. Our goal is to provide a well-planned conference to bless our elders and deacons, staff and ministry leaders.

We have invited gifted leaders to teach us on important topics that include, but are not limited to, safe church, church governance, pastoral care, crucial conversations, missions, diaconal and mercy ministries, and more.

Each participant will be able to choose from a variety of different breakouts based on interest, and their role within the church.

Space is limited. If you are ready to register, click the link below. Otherwise, scroll down to learn more about our breakouts, answers to frequently asked questions, and more. 


main session speakers

This year:

Mike Goheen

Last year example:

Mark Glanville (PhD) works as Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Regent College in Vancouver. He has the privilege of training pastors for missional pastoral ministry. He is the author of Improvising Church: Scripture as the Source of Harmony, Rhythm, and Soul (IVP, 2024). 

Chris deWinter is the Lead Pastor at Langley Immanuel CRC. Before moving to BC in 2020, he served a church in St. Catharines, Ontario for 10 years. 

In the first main session, Pastor Chris will be looking at John 4 for cues to a model for missional church leadership.

In the second main session, Chris will facilitate a discussion with Mark about how jazz improvisation is a compelling analogy for how the church relies on the historic traditions of our faith expressed in creative and compelling ways in the new context of an increasingly post-Christian age.

breakout one

  • Crucial conversations

    Pastor Ken Ritsema

    This breakout will review How to embrace conflict with Christian truth and love. This applies to areas of leadership, pastoral care, discipleship, etc.  The health of a congregation is often tied to whether these conversations are happening, or not.

    This session will give you a perspective and framework to discover how these difficult conversations can become opportunities for growth. They may even be God's tool to move you to a place you didn't think was possible!

  • becoming a discerning leadership team


    Wilma Van der Leek

    We’ll look at the difference between deciding and discerning. God, amazingly, is working out his great purposes for the world through the church. But is there a way for us as leaders of local churches to be as confident as the men of Issachar who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do?” (I Chron. 12:32)  Short answer: YES! Insights from “When the Church Stops Working” by Andy Root will shape our conversation.

  • Pastor Ken Ritsema

    making a caring visit

    Pastor Mike Koot & Pastor Grant VanderHoek

    In this breakout we’ll focus on how to use a “visit” to discover, encourage, and gently blow on the spark of faith in the lives of those you visit so that they are encouraged and sense that Jesus has come close to them. We’ll work to accomplish this by exploring very practical “how to” steps for the visit, including all aspects of the visit from pre-visit to post-visit, along with potential problems, and how to avoid getting sucked into visit “traps.” 

  • Diaconal mnistries

    Benevolence Policy & Guidelines

    Rachel Vroege & David Hornor

    This workshop will help your diaconate focus its time and resources. Clearly defined guidelines will help you know when to spend a significant amount of time with a request, or when to refer an individual/family to another community agency. And in some cases the appropriate response is to use your judgment and say ‘no’. Benevolence guidelines help deacons make decisions by establishing criteria in advance and using the guidelines to make decisions when presented with requests. If you already have a policy, this workshop will provide your deacon team with the opportunity to review and reflect on how best to apply the guidelines you have.

breakout two

  • tracking pastoral care

    Pastor Adam Van Dop

    Have you and your fellow council members ever struggled to find best practices for tracking visitation, and measuring the goals you've put in place for visitation of your church family? Do you desire to find helpful methods to ensure that all members of your church are known, loved, and accounted for? 

    Together, we will take a look at a way to help you find your way. This is a process which involves volunteer Care Team Leaders working closely with Visitation/Pastoral/Ministering Elders, as a way to see that your church family is well cared for!

  • Casey Langbroek has practiced effective governance, not only in his business, but also in  the other organizations for whom he has worked or volunteered.

    effective governance & leadership

    Casey Langbroek, FCPA, FCGA

    Casey Langbroek has practiced effective governance, not only in his business, but also in  the other organizations for whom he has worked or volunteered.

    Casey will share with attendees: what effective governance is, what an effective Council is, the importance of a team, the characteristics of a team, what strategy and execution are, the importance of the right people in the right seats working at their strengths or gifts, the importance of accountability, and the tools that a Council Chair can use to lead effectively.

  • What is a restorative congregation?

    Liz Tolkamp & Anthony Jansen

    Come discover what it means to be and become a restorative congregation and how Restorative Practices can deepen relationships, create healthier church communities and build capacity to transform conflict into an opportunity for growth. In this workshop you will be invited into a circle practice experience as well as be introduced to some of the underlying principles and practices of restorative practices. 

  • deacons 101 - a look at the deacon's mandate

    Gary Veeneman & Ron Vanden Brink

    This workshop is designed for new deacons to learn about their role, but also for experienced deacons to be refreshed and to share their insights with those who are new. Incoming deacons will be inspired to actively engage in their diaconate, appreciate previous diaconal work done by the church, and be given a chance to share their aspirations for future endeavours. At the end of the workshop all participants will emerge with more of a unified understanding of their role as deacons and be more familiar with Diaconal Ministries Canada and how it can support their diaconate.

  • What's with power?  

    Faye Martin

    Let’s explore the use of power, leadership, the church & its relationship to ministry in our world & culture. A close examination of scenarios that challenge thought, provide insights & expand leadership’s understanding of our roles  & responsibilities.  

breakout three

  • tips for visiting people with dementia

    Pastor Steve Berkenpas

    Visiting those with dementia has a unique set of challenges, often leading people to be under visited and cared for. I know in my own circles visiting a person with dementia can end up being so discouraging that we can be fearful in even arranging another the visit. This breakout will open with some practical considerations of what dementia is and how a Christian perspective provides hope. It will also focus on some practical tips on how to do effective visits with both those with dementia and their caregivers.  

  • leadership conduct - What's the Big Deal?

    Faye Martin

    We are becoming less surprised with each new story of leadership misconduct. What do these stories teach us? Using case scenarios, come explore/discuss the risks/impact and broaden our understanding of leadership misconduct prevention.

  • Welcome home:

    supporting refugee resettlement in your church

    Dena Nicolai

    In this session, Dena Nicolai (Chaplain and Refugee Support Mobilizer and Program Associate with World Renew’s Refugee Sponsorship and Resettlement Program) will host a conversation around being/becoming a welcoming church for people who have arrived in Canada as refugees.  Beginning with a snapshot of the global refugee situation and then the various resettlement pathways (Government Assisted Refugees, Privately Sponsored Refugees, Refugee Claimants), Dena will then lead participants in discussion about formal and informal ways of supporting refugees resettling here. Please join us if you would like to learn more, and/or if you have refugee support experience you can share with other participants.

  • how to find your missional identity

    (This session is full)

    Pastor Albert Chu

    How do you develop a missional culture and identity for your church? How can council and leaders help the church be more on God’s mission to redeem and restore all things?  After all, God IS a missionary God.  Mission is a movement from God to the world and we, the church, is that instrument for that mission.



Saturday, September 21st (starting at 8:30am) at New Life CRC in Abbotsford




Any and all pastors and church council members. Staff members and ministry leaders are, of course, welcome to attend as well. The main focus (as you can see from the breakouts above) is for elders, deacons, and pastors.


No. This is simply a group effort of pastors and churches in BCSE to bless our elders, deacons, and ministry leaders.


$15/person. [The eight churches noted above have committed to help with some of the major costs to keep the cost of registration to a minimum.] 


The schedule for the day breaks down as follows.

  • 8:00-8:30 am - Check In
  • 8:30am - Morning Devotions and Worship
  • 9:00am - Large Group Session
  • 9:45am - Breakout #1 (50 mins)
  • 10:45am - Breakout #2 (50 mins)
  • 11:45am - Lunch (60 mins)
  • 12:45pm - Worship & Large Group Session
  • 1:45pm - Breakout #3 (50 mins)
  • 2:45pm - Breakout #4 - Final Local Council Breakout [Where each church Council gathers together for their own self-guided custom training]
  • 3:45pm - Closing prayer


Yes. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, along with snacks and beverages throughout the day.


CLICK HERE to register.

  • If you come as a full council, we will do our best to give you a space for the 4th and final breakout where you can gather together for your own self-guided custom training (space is limited). 
  • If you come alone (or in a smaller group), you are still most welcome!  


For questions regarding the event breakouts, email justin@gatewaycrc.org

For registration questions, email CLICK HERE