Philippines 2023

February 8-21, 2023

Grade 12 and older - Intergenerational

$3,300 per person (may fluctuate slightly)

A payment of $750/person is required from all participants. Lord willing we will fundraise the rest. In the event the balance is not fundraised, participants will be required to pay the balance

Important Note: We will adhere to all government requirements for travel into Canada, Philippines and any stop over countries

Love Beyond borders

While in the Philippines we will join with Pastor Noberto Fermin (pictured) of Love Beyond Borders and the work they are already doing to minister in 3 provinces: Bulahan, Quezon and Zambales

Our Time in the philippines...

After arriving in country, we begin the experience with two days of cultural orientation in the nations capital city, Manila. Once oriented, we will travel by jeepney to Bulahan and work with the Aeta tribe. Our journey will continue to Zambalas to minister to the Negritos tribe and then to Quezon for children's ministry. Our visionary experience trip will then conclude with two days touring and enjoying the sights and sounds of the country where "Asia wears a smile"