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All lesson materials including curriculum, activity sheets, and family guides,  as well as current memory works and songs can be found here! Questions? Email Janae at

Memory Work

The new Kids Church Memory Verse is Psalm 23:1-2. Please help your kids in memorizing this, it is a perfect one for people of all ages to know!

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters."

Psalm 23:1-2

Lesson Materials

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One year view of our teaching schedule

Kids Church Offrering - Philippines

Each week, Kids church collects an offering for the Mangyan Tribes of Oriental Mindoro in the Philippines. We have built up a connection with the ministry Love Beyond Boarders, and have partnered with them and Pastor BJ to bring the hope and love of Christ to unreached people.

Current Collection: 

Plates and Cutlery: We are raising money to provide a plate and cutlery set for every child. Currently, these kids are using whatever they can find in the garbage to eat their food from. Without soap, cleaning their hands to eat with or the item the food is on (plate/tupperware/stovetop lid/etc) is very near impossible. $20 will provide a plate and cutlery set for 1 child.

Kettles: $15 will provide a family with a new kettle. Kettles are using to make coffee, often the only the meal of the day. Many of these kettles are wearing out or have holes, meaning not even coffee is an option for food in a day.

Offering Collection Video

Past Collections:

  • Hammocks to get kids sleeping off the ground and mud
  • 100+ buckets full of rice, salt, sardines, biscuits, instant coffee, and noodles. The buckets re and answered prayer and allow the tribes to go and bring water back to their homes

Kids Church Song - Holy Forever

Leaders resources


Each link above includes both the Large Group and Small Group portions of the lesson for that date.  The Large Group leader will lead  your class in the worship portion (generally the first portion of the lesson) and the Bible story portion and the Small Group Leaders will do the rest with their class in their small groups.


Activity Pages for each week will be in a bin labeled for your specific class. Each bin will have the correct number of papers and supplies for the number of kids in your class.  Supplies can be found in the craft room in Room 200 at the end of the hallway. Feel free to use any of the "extra supplies" in the room.  We ask that you return all class baskets and extra supplies to the room again after the service.

Teaching Schedules:

Thank you again for your willingness to serve the next generation of our church so faithfully! 

Below you'll find the Kids Church Teacher's Schedule. If you cannot make your scheduled Sunday, we ask that you please try and switch with someone else on your teacher team. 

Thank you!

Teacher Schedule