412 Ministries and Covid-19

The BC Center for Disease Control states that worship services and faith based practices (which would include our mid-week ministries) are exempt from both the mask mandate and proof of immunization. Therefore, we can continue with no new mandates or restrictions in place. We are grateful for the freedoms granted to us we also acknowlege that we are members of society and we want to do our part. In light of this, we are making masks at all our 412 Ministries required at this time

We will not require any proof of vaccination from our youth. All 412 Ministries are a safe place for everyone. To be vaccinated or not is a family decision and we want to respect that decision. 

When there are outings, all 412 Ministries will adhere to all Covid-19 protocols established by the hosting organization.  We will do our best to plan events where vaccinated and non-vaccinated youth and leaders are welcome

We know there will be varieties of opinions on these orders within our youth group members and their parents, so let us all be respectful of each other. Please remember to be gracious to one another as we work out our differences in Christian love.

For more information on Covid-19 health restrictions click here.