412 Visionary Experiences

412 Visionary Experiences are intentional opportunities for our youth to be engaged in global ministry.  These experiences are specifically tailored to allow our youth to experience God at work in the areas in which we ministry. We will jump into what God is already doing, support the local ministries and serve them in any way we can. We desire to be a blessing not a distraction. 

412 Visionary Experiences are inter-generational.  To allow for faith mentors to join our experiences will help our youth grow in their faith by serving along side those with greater life experience. 

See below for our 412 Visionary Experiences opportunities: 

Locations will be added soon

  • THIs ministry is now full! 

    Vicente Guerrero, mexico (Covid-19 pending)

    March 12-21, 2022

    Grade 9-12, Intergenerational

    Cost: $250, remainder fundraised

    Max participants: 42 youth + leaders

    For this amazing one week 412 Visionary Experience you will either participate in a 400 square foot home build for a Mexican Family. Many of the families living in Mexico earn a very low income and are unable to afford adequate food and housing. Families often live in very small shelters made of cardboard, plastic, palettes and salvaged building materials. When we build a house for a family in Baja we are breaking the poverty cycle, improving the health and education opportunity for the children and giving them more hope and an ability to have dreams for the future. Families understand that it is because of Jesus’s love for them that they are being blessed with a home.

    Let's get building! 


    Needed Paperwork

  • Due to Covid - this Ministry Experience is postponed until further notice. 

    Philippines (Covid-19 Pending) - 

    February 10-22, 2022

    Grade 12 and older, Intergenerational

    Cost: $2,995 per person*

    Max Participants: 10

    While in the Philippines we will join 'Love Beyond Boarders' (Pastor Norberto Fermin) and minister in 3 provinces: Bulahan, Quezon and Zambales.  

    We begin the experience with 2 days of cultural orientation in Manila. Once orientated, we will travel by jeepney (pictured) to Bulahan and work with the Aeta tribe .  Our journey will continue to Zambales to minister to the Negritos tribe and then to Quezon for children's ministry. We will conclude our 412 Visionary Experience with 2 day touring and enjoying the sights and sounds of the country where "Asia wears a smile

    ** A payment of $700 is required from participants. Lord willing, the remainder will be fundraised. In the event that not all the funds are raised, participants will be required to pay the balance

    Registration deadline: June 7, 2021